Anonymous asked, "Derrick is one of the top 5 best players BB has ever seen."


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nicole is just such a queen


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I better hear “It’s time for America’s Vote!” for a coup d’état at the end of tonight’s episode or I s2g

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I’m hoping Nicole returns and slays everyone because she does not deserve this at all.


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Welp, my fave is leaving. Her brilliant game play was completely fucked to save Grodner’s favorites. I’m over this entire season. 

To that lying thot Crustine 

To the evil, controlling, hypocritical Derrick

To the repulsive, annoying ass rat called Frankie 

To the one and only Beast Mode Thirstboy Caleb


Slay of the day #2 - Evel Dick

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Gosh, I want to drag all the guys everytime Nicole’s name comes up. She’s been nothing but truthful & they ALWAYS try to pin her out. 

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Dear Production, 

Dear Frankie,

Dear Frankie/Ariana fans taking up for him and Grodner, 

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There are people that don’t believe the competition was rigged?

The first BOTB competition where it’s much easier to play alone is the one given when Frankie is on the block. Production was VERY aware of Caleb throwing it by sitting out.  I’m fucking done. Production knew what they were up to. Thursday night football or no football, they designed that competition in favour of Frankie and I will forever stand by that. 

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I’ll just go ahead and watch the TCA’s …. CBS is fucking with my emotions


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Big brother fanatic & basically obsessed. I also ship showmances which I believe are true & cute. Favorite HG's? Jeff & Jordan (S11/13), Ragan (S12), Brendon & Rachel (S12/13), Daniele (S8/13), Dominic (S13), Shane & Danielle (S14), Britney (S12/14), Kara (S14), Elissa (S15), Jessie (S15), Cody (S16), Victoria (S16), Nicole (S16), Donny (S16), Jillian & Emmett (BBCan1), Talla (BBCan1), Neda (BBCan2) ♥
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