Excuse me Christine you are married  


Friendly reminder! Stay woke, bitch.

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Amber: “a girl needs to win this year the guys are always in control”

Amber: *does nothing to make sure a girl wins* *shoots down joey for trying to make a girl alliance* *sells Joey out* *still does nothing to MAKE SURE A DAMN GIRL IS IN CONTROL*

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Is Christine the Amanda of this season; never stops talking shit about other people, annoys the fuck out of everyone, can’t win a comp to save her life, aligns with other people to win comps/do all the dirty work for her, and then claims to be more deserving to not be up over someone who actually has won a competition, as if she actually works so hard. You’re a have-not for a reason, Christine…

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Team America’s current plan seems to be for Zach to fucking slay Christine and blow up her game at the nom ceremony and tbh I’m kind of ok with that? Like I don’t know that it would actually fuck up his game all that much and I think she’s after him anyway so…maybe it’ll end up being a not terrible thing for Zach. I hope.

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does she even have respect for her husband or???

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Zach plans to nominate Christine and Nicole

Frankie plans to nominate Victoria and Jocasta

They both plan to backdoor Amber

That is ALL of the females in the house.

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Anonymous asked, "I love Frankie as a person, but not his gameplay"


I don’t even know how I feel about him as a person anymore. The way he talks to Zach is downright disgusting. He calls him so many mean names and talks down to him like he’s dirt literally everyday. That’s just not a good quality in a person. Telling someone how much of a lunatic they are and how stupid they are every day until they feel like every idea they have is dumb is honestly mentally abusive. In any other setting, that would be considered an abusive friendship. I get that it’s Big Brother so things like that slide more because it’s a game, but I still think Frankie takes it too far. 

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Praying that Zach puts Christine’s trifilin little ass on that block


Praying that Zach puts Christine’s trifilin little ass on that block

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Remember pre-season when we hated on that on blogger who said this twist put the women at disadvantage. 

I bet he/she who is feeling gratified right now. 

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What needs to happen is.  


Victoria and Jocasta win BOTB. 

Amber wins POV.

Takes off Nicole. 

Zach nominates Caleb. 

Donny, Jocasta, Amber, Nicole, Hayden and Cody evict Caleb to keep Christine. 

Regardless Christine and Caleb will be final nominee’s and either leaving is good. 

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